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United States   Madison   Halloween on State St.

The annual State St. Halloween celebration drew 75,000 to 80,000 people and ended with clouds of pepper spray, about 250 arrests, and dozens of police in riot gear and on horseback for the third year in a row.

"When 5,000 people need to be cleared from the street using pepper spray and horses, when our officers need to don protective gear because objects are being thrown at them, when horses are being prodded and punched, when a fire is started and Fire Department personnel are harassed at the scene, this is in no way a successful event."
      Madison, WI Mayor Dave Cieslewicz

10/31/2004 -
Honduras   Bay Island, Rotan   Canopy Tours

8/21/2004 -
Honduras   Bay Island, Rotan  

8/17/2004 - 8/22/2004
Honduras   Copan   Mayan Ruins

8/16/2004 -
Honduras   Copan  

8/15/2004 - 8/17/2004
China   Nankou   China North International Shooting Range

A former army barracks, the China North International Shooting Range is the first and largest public weaponry arcade in China. In addition to Uziís, AK47ís and M16ís there is a selection of various pistols, rifles, machine guns, and a 40mm anti-tank rocket launcher which you can shoot for a few hundred RMB.

7/31/2004 -
China   Qingtao   Tsingtao Brewery

China's oldest and most popular brewery, Tsingtao, opened in 1903 under German administration after China ceded the city of Qingtao to Germany for 99 years in 1898. The brewery was later administered by the Japanese when they occupied the city from 1914-1922 and for seven years after the start of the Sino-Japanese war in 1938.

7/25/2004 -
China   Qingtao  

Qoingtao (Green Island) is China's fourth largest port city.

7/24/2004 - 7/26/2004
China   Shaolin   Shaolin Monasteries

Chinaís most famous martial arts tradition was developed in Shaolin during the 5th century A.D. by Buddhist monks. Today, thousands of students enroll at Shaolinís martial art schools each year.

7/16/2004 - 7/17/2004
China   Simatai   Great Wall

The 19km stretch of the Great Wall at Simatai was built during the reign of Ming dynasty emperor Hongwu. This partially restored section passing through the mountains has numerous watchtowers and steep ascents.

7/15/2004 -
China   Beidaihe  

The old fishing town of Beidaihe was transformed into a popular beach resort for foreign dignataries in the end of the 19th century. Today it is a popular place for Beijingers to retreat to the beach during the hot summer.

7/9/2004 - 7/11/2004
China   Badaling   Great Wall

6/26/2004 -
India   Delhi   Red Fort

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan began constructing the Red Fort, or Lal Qila, in 1638 with the intent to move his capital from Agra to his new city of Shahjahanabad. Before the red sandstone fort was completed in 1648, Shah Jahn was deposed and imprisoned by his son, emperor Aurangzeb.

6/19/2004 -
India   Delhi   Old Delhi

6/18/2004 - 6/20/2004
India   Armitsar   Golden Temple

The holiest shrine of the Sikh religion, the Golden Temple or Hari Mandir is a two-story marble structure with a dome covered in 100kg of pure gold. The temple is located in the middle of a natural pool which was enlarged and named Amrit Sarovar - Pool of Nectar in the late 16th century.

6/17/2004 -
Pakistan   Wagah   Border Closing Ceremony

This bizarre flag-lowering and gate-closing ceremony has been performed daily since 1948, shortly after Partition. Crowds of Indians and Pakistanis gather to watch and cheer on their respective armies as the soldiers goosestep, stomp and scream.

6/16/2004 -
Pakistan   Murree  

A popular Punjabi resort town in the mountains Ė originally a series of hill stations developed by the British as summer retreats.

6/14/2004 - 6/15/2004
Pakistan   Islamabad  

6/11/2004 - 6/13/2004
Pakistan   Lahore   Badshahi Mosque

Completed under Moghal emperor Aurangzeb in 1676, the Badshahi Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world, capable of holding at least 60,000 people. The rooms above the entrance gate are said to contain the hairs of the Prophet Mohammed and other relics of his daughter, Fatima, and his son-in-law and cousin, Ali.

6/10/2004 -
India   Manali to Wahga   Roadtrip

A 14 hour bus and autorickshaw ride from Manali to the Indian-Pakistani border town of Wagah.

6/8/2004 - 6/9/2004
India   Shey to Manali   Roadtrip

An 18 hour jeep ride throught the Ladahki Mountains from Leh to Manali. After a flat tire and having to drive through a river because of a collapsed bridge our jeep finally broke down about 14 hours into the trip.

6/7/2004 - 6/8/2004
India   Ladahk   Sponsor Lamdon Model School Shey

6/7/2004 -
India   Ladahk - Shey  

6/6/2004 - 6/7/2004
India   Ladahk - Thiksey   Thiksey Gonpa

Thiksey Gonpa was first built at Stakmo by Sherab Zangpo of Stod, and then later rebuilt by his nephew, Spon Paldan Sherab, on a hilltop north of the Indus River in 1430. The monastery belongs to the Gelukspa order and currently houses about 80 monks. The successive reincarnations of the Skyabsje Khanpo Rinpoche act as incumbents of the monastery.

6/6/2004 -
India   Ladahk - Shey   Lamdon Model School Shey

6/6/2004 - 6/7/2004
India   Ladahk - Shey  

6/4/2004 -
India   Ladahk - Stakna   Stakna Gonpa

Stakna Gonpa was founded during the reign of King Jamyang Namgyal in 1580, by St. Chosje Jamyang Palkhar and houses about 30 monks. The monastery was built on a hill shaped like a tigerís nose so it was given the name Stakna (tigerís nose). The successive reincarnation of the Stakna Tulku act as the incumbents of the monastery which upholds the teachings of the Dugpa order.

6/4/2004 -
India   Ladahk - Leh  

6/4/2004 - 6/6/2004
India   Ladahk - Shey   Lamdon Model School Shey

6/4/2004 - 6/5/2004
India   Ladahk - Shey   Lamdon Model School

6/3/2004 - 6/4/2004
India   Ladahk - Spithup   Spithup Gonpa

Spithup Gonpa stands on a conical hill with three chapels, housing about 100 monks. The monastery was founded in the 11th century by Od-de, the elder brother of Lha Lama Changchub Od, when he come to Maryul and introduced a monastic community. Originally the Gonpa belonged to the Kadampa school but Gelukpa order was introduced during the reign of King Dragspa Bum-Lde, when Lama Lhawang Lotus restored the monastery. The successive reincarnations of Skyabsje Bakula Rinpoche act as incumbents of the monastery.

6/3/2004 -
India   Ladahk   Military

6/3/2004 - 6/6/2004
India   Ladahk - Leh  

6/2/2004 - 6/3/2004
China   Beijing   Da Zhai Men Restaurant

An 18th century Chinese home (Da Zhai Men) converted into an imperial Chinese restaurant. All the waiter and waitress are dressed in traditional Chinese gown and the pavilions are converted into individual dining rooms.

5/21/2004 -
China   Beijing   Temple of Heaven Park

Built during the Ming dynasty, the Temple of Heaven functioned as a stage for solemn rites performed by the Son of Heaven, who came here to pray for good harvests, seek divine clearance and atone for the sins of the people.

5/18/2004 -
France   Paris  

3/18/2004 -
Monaco   Monaco  

3/16/2004 -
France   Nice  

3/16/2004 -
France   Antibes  

3/15/2004 -
France   Paris   Boules

3/14/2004 -
France   Paris  

3/13/2004 -
United States   New York   World Trade Center Site

3/12/2004 -
United States   Madison   Kites On Ice

Madison's fourth annual Kites On Ice festival brings kite enthusiasts from across the globe to participate in team kite flying, kite skiing, ground displays, and a wind garden. The festival helped Madison recently become ranked by USA Today as one of the top 10 places to fly a kite.

2/7/2004 - 2/8/2004
China   Nanjing  

1/12/2004 - 1/15/2004
China   Guangzhou  

1/8/2004 - 1/10/2004
China   Yangshuo  

1/5/2004 -
China   Guilin  

1/4/2004 - 1/7/2004
China   Beijing  

12/30/2003 - 1/3/2004
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